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Title: .:LUs:. Clan News March 29, 2010
Post by: H a d o u k e n! on March 29, 2010, 02:48:58 pm
I have established a forum page on game tracker for lus and our alliance. I also posted member's that are visible gametracker's, unfortunately i have decided to protect their identity and to make this somewhat an undercover job, i've decided to make that Column only visible to global moderators and administrators of this forum. This will help us monitor the activity of our members. If you wish to see your gametracker, please contact me, or just visit www.gametracker.com and put in your name. Also i've added a server list also with gametracker. These are the servers our clan should play in the most. We are expectinga server later this April, untill then we play in other servers and recruit people. In other business, today i spotted an SKe member, my former friend, spying on us, i'm guessing he was sent by nikki. I'm also monitoring another account here to check that it is not intended for wrong purposes. So to ensure the safety of our members, couple days ago i made the forum not visible to guests. Today I added a new function. An account cannot be deleted without an administrators approval, giving us time to ban the triggers on the account. If you want to delete an account, you must send me a PM telling the reasons why you're deleting it, otherwise your account will be inspected (only for non members).

Thank You for reading .:LUs:. News, and I will keep you guys updated if there will be any changes.

-H a d o u k e n!